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If   you  need  it...

I propose to change the terms of the exchange and confirmation QSL.
For more rapid and reliable confirmation of qso and receive qsl cards offer a payment option of postal services through PayPal
  in the amount of $ 6 for an account rd3ay@mail.com
In comments please include call sign and information on the QSO date, time, type of work, RST
on my part to get a guaranteed real qsl card.

Send the your QSL to me do not need

only PAYPAL money order and you get my QSl by mail in record time, plus duplication through LotW

To make a donation to the
UN8GV QSL, please click PayPal button below.

 Thank you.

  You will 
duplication through LotW .


US Dollar

Dad, that sending QSL risen again?

- Yes, my son .

- This means that now you'll send fewer cards?

- No, son! This means that you will eat less...

The reply from the manager:

"In response to your request to report that once a month I run a hand in the bag with the envelopes, choose at random 50 QSLs and answer.

And if you again allow yourself a letter in this tone, then your QSL will generally be excluded from the lottery. "




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